Arctic Industries Has Moved West Coast Facilities

Arctic Industries, Manufacturer of Walk-in Coolers and Freezers Has Moved West Coast Facilities


August 6, 2020

Arctic Industries has upgraded and moved its factory previously located in Monrovia, CA to a modern manufacturing facility in Azusa, CA. The new facility has many strategic and competitive advantages, including an impressive showcase of the latest technologies in walk-in coolers and freezers. 

“Arctic has developed cutting-edge techniques to manufacture all types of cooler features, from floors to ceilings. We successfully manufacture custom walk-in coolers while maintaining quality products and a high level of customer care. Our premium walk-in coolers and freezers are ideal for ‘front of house’ facing locations, such as restaurants, medical facilities, and corporate headquarters,” states Arctic CEO Brian Murphy. “When we acquired the company (Duracold Refrigeration Manufacturing Company) two years ago, our intentions were to fully invest in a modern facility, additional people, improved quality systems, and employee benefits to bring Duracold into the professional Arctic way.”

The new factory is 25 percent larger and has been streamlined for the production of high-quality goods that aligns with Arctic’s reputation in the industry. The new facility also allows additional quality control features and upgraded equipment, including improved temperature control of critical foaming processes, ensuring optimal insulation for Arctic’s doors and panels. 

The facility’s utility systems are designed for energy efficiency, with skylights and motion sensors throughout. “A better layout leads to a safer workplace, higher product quality, and improved efficiencies,” says Arctic General Manager, Everardo H. Sagarnaga. The new high ceilings are ideal for product assembly and inspection while multiple truck loading points allow for expedited loading and unloading. Anna Ha, Sales & Customer Support Manager at Arctic, agrees that “The modern office space provides a pleasant place to come to work every day and to receive our customers.”  

“This move further solidifies Arctic’s presence as a leading nationwide walk-in cooler and freezer company, with manufacturing in both Miami and the Los Angeles area. From a shipping perspective, we can truly bridge the entire country, allowing us to keep our costs down and passing those savings along to our customers. We can meet customers’ needs wherever they arise, and we do,” concludes Murphy.

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