Walk-In Doors: Size, Shape, Construction, and More

When it comes to cold storage, there are a number of effective solutions. Whether you work in the service industry or are elbow-deep in designing a morgue, you need options. And as you go about figuring out what will work best for you, you’ll need to consider what sort of walk-in doors will suit your needs. 

There are sizes, shapes, and construction requirements that will vary according to your business, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Let’s take a closer look at what’s possible: 


Walk-in doors need to be a size that works for you. And the size requirements for a community florist will differ from that of a brewery or mortuary. Optimal size will depend on the work at hand. As a general guide, the smaller the door, the better and the more efficient your walk-in will be. 

For those in need of a quick solution at a lower cost, the Blue Line features a 34” x 78”  door opening that is centered on one of the walk-in sides. The door is flush and self-closing. A door frame heater and pressure relief valve (PRV) are factory mounted and pre-wired in all freezers. 

The Signature Series is built to your specifications, meaning that the door size can be custom made and it is only limited by the overall design of the walk-in. All standard doors include interior & exterior 36” high aluminum diamond-tread kick-plates. Where space becomes an issue, it’s also possible to incorporate sliding doors. Other options include heavy-duty glass doors, automatic doors, lift-up doors, and more traditional options. 


Shapes of doors and coolers? Well, that’s variable too. And again, it simply depends on the work you are doing and what best supports your needs as a business. There are different shaped coolers for pharmaceutical storage, scientific labs, floral shops, pizza restaurants, and other dizzyingly diverse industries with a need for cool environments. 

With warehouse and industrial lines of coolers, there are an array of options to customize the walk-in doors, optimize energy usage, and even incorporate wireless capabilities. Warehouse and industrial walk-ins allow for the greatest level of design input and customization. 


Once you’ve made your decisions around size, shape, and even color, walk-in coolers and freezers are thoroughly inspected and assembled at the factory. 

Functional features include pre-wired door frames with digital thermometers, light fixtures, and light switches. Additionally, foamed-in-place and flush-mounted door plugs are ready to go along with a hydraulic door closer and steel backing plates that provide maximum strength and prevent sagging over time. 

Door hardware is another important component of the door assembly that must be considered in the construction process. There are a variety of door closers, hinges, hinge springs, window sizes, and door sweeps available that can be combined into an ideal setup. Using only the highest-grade components, from the most recognized and reliable hardware manufacturers in the industry, is one way to guarantee longevity, perfect fit, and the best quality of a door assembly. 


At Arctic, all doors are compliant with EISA regulations and NSF7/UL standards. From there, customization can make a major difference in effective, efficient habits and modes of operation. You know your business and your needs best. To put that knowledge into practice when designing and constructing a walk-in cooler is a satisfying endeavor and a necessary priority in the trajectory of your business.