Arctic Industries Offering Quick-Ship Covid-19 Vaccine Cold Storage Solutions

November, 23, 2020

With over 40 years of experience in the cold storage industry, including manufacturing cold storage solutions for the nation’s leading hospitals, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies, the team at Arctic is well prepared to meet the challenges of cold storage for Covid-19 vaccines even while seeing increased demand from customers for solutions in this area. CEO Brian Murphy confirms, “we have been inundated with requests for rapidly deployed vaccine coolers and freezers.”

Arctic’s walk-in coolers and freezers are engineered to maintain stable temperatures as low as -40° C (-40° F) for vaccines that require freezing, and 2° C – 8° C (35° F – 46° F) for vaccines that require refrigeration to prevent product loss from temperature excursions. Speaking on Arctic’s capabilities, Miguel Bermeo, CEO Scimedico says, “In Scimedico’s role as a leader in addressing the needs of hospitals, medical examiners, and labs across all of the United States and Canada, the team at Arctic Industries has demonstrated a continued commitment to quality, safety, and function.”

Arctic’s walk-in vaccine coolers and freezers undergo detailed quality control and rigorous testing to ensure temperature stability and reliable performance in all conditions and locations. At these strict quality standards, Arctic is capable of providing vaccine cold storage anywhere in the country from major cities to rural areas. Additionally, standard cooler and freezer solutions are available for delivery in as little as 2 days. More complex solutions are designed and available for shipment in just a few weeks.

With recent global vaccine cold storage needs, the Arctic team acted quickly to accelerate deployment of their quick-ship cooler and freezer solutions. CEO Brian Murphy explains, “We knew we had to act with the utmost urgency. We see the importance of what Arctic delivers and did not hesitate for one minute to lend our knowledge and engineering expertise to the problem at hand.”

Arctic Industries is proud to offer cold storage solutions needed for Covid-19 vaccines and support vaccine providers and communities everywhere.

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Media Relations
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